Ow can teachers discover talented students?

a? You should use in text citations and end with references regarding to APA.
a? The essay should be an individual assignment of 700-750 words
a? The term paper should be 1 page for outline and 3 pages for introduction, body and conclusion.
a? It should be 3 body paragraphs, introduction including clear theses statement (at the end of the introduction & please highlighted) and conclusion that also include theses statement in a different way.
a? I need also an outline that should be look like same what I will attach
a? You should include this in the term paper:
o Content & Relevance; idea development; integration of sources: All points are topic related and are explored in-depth; sources are well integrated; complex ideas are logically developed.
o Thesis structure & organization (signposting): Clear, narrow thesis with concise supporting points. Topic sentences clearly stem from the thesis. Paragraphs are well-structured and cohesive; ideas linked with smooth and effective transitions. Introduction and conclusion are complete and effective.
o Grammar and Vocabulary: Each sentence structured effectively, powerfully; well-chosen variety of sentence styles and length; Range of appropriate academic vocabulary, virtually free of spelling errors.
o Research (paraphrases & quotes) Documentation Conventions: Evidence from sources is relevant, accurate & complete; paraphrases in studentas words with structural changes; almost impeccable documentation in-text & end refs.
a? About the references it should be as following instructions:
o Maximum of 1 quote (not more than 2 lines) permitted. And the rest should be phrases. The number of sources used should be between 3-4 sources; including one QU data base ( #I ) (please highlighted the data base resourse) and one from their textbook (I will attach the 2 articles and please choose one of them& I attach the citation and the reference of it). All sources must be current within 20 years. Marking criteria are in appendix 4.