Ow can teachers/practitioners use popular culture to motivate children in Key Stage 1?

I have about 5500 6000 words already from my case studies.
My word count for this research paper is 7650 words. You can go up to 8200 if you must.

I will make an order for 20 days starting from now.
The order is for 17 pages (4250 words).

Even though I have 6000 words already, I will pay for 4250 words because you may need to
do more work on this Dissertation.

1. Statistics from my data the questionnaire. Charts and graphs showing some maths (percentage)
you have to analyse my data. This can be made up from you. I have done a questionnaire, which you need to amend it because I am not happy with it. Then send to me before you do work with it, so I can check it.

2. Appendix at the end of course.

I need to send this on 6th or 7th to my tutor to check it. I have done a lot of work on this already.
You just need to follow the instructions below:

a. make sure that the three case studies are pretty well done in the same
way you have the same headings and you say broadly the same amount about

b. ask yourself how you would make a comparison between the three case
studies: for instance, a) what was my aim for each child b) what was my
strategy in each case c) how successful / or not was I in each case

a. what general conclusions can I draw from this about each case, and
then more generally about what I am doing

Imagine that you are Sellingyour strategy to your Head of Department /
Head adoption across the whole school: what would you have as major Selling
points”? How would you describe the educational principles that you have
built this on?

4. I have a full structure of the Dissertation for you to follow, which I will attach.

5. I have a few references already, but will need from 27 30 references.