Ow can the brand image of a historic and cultural city be improved by its heritage?

My major is design branding strategy.Due to the nature of the subject, you are asked to focus on strategic planning. However, this does not prevent you from carrying out hands-on design provided it suits the nature of your research topic. In fact, good use of practical design could bring your strategy to life!

The project formulation consists of seven key tasks as follows:
1. Gain good understanding of your chosen topic, e.g. challenges, key drivers, major players and characteristics of your chosen organisation(s)/industry/sector
2. Define key research problems a What is the problem that you aim to solve?
3. Establish key research question a What is the main question needed to be answered?
4. Set the research aim a What is the goal? What outcome(s) would you like to achieve?
5. Plan the objectives a What are the major steps that help you achieve your goal?
6. Define key benefits and beneficiaries of your research a What benefits would your research bring to academic/industrial audiences? Who will benefit from your study?
7. Design the research plan a How would you achieve these outcomes? What types of expert should you consult? How to engage with key stakeholders?
8. Identify and approach experts and key stakeholders (e.g. business representatives and consumers) as soon as possible a Who are experts in your chosen field? How to approach them?
9. Present your design research plan succinctly in a stimulating manner (If you do not show any enthusiasm, nobody will!)
1 Were the research problems identified clearly?
2 Were the aims of the design research project explained clearly?
3 Was the key research question placed in context?
4 Was there evidence of carefully considered research methods?
5 What evidence of creative thinking emerged?
6 Were the main findings reported in a stimulating fashion?
7 Was a clear direction for the project established?
8 Was the communication of a high professional standard?

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