Ow Can the Interactive Approach to Management be Successfully Implemented in an Organization?

ASSIGNMENT #1 a Value 100 Points

Based on your reading and study of the course textbook and additional outside readings you are to compose an original research paper with the title: How Can the Interactive Approach to Management be Successfully Implemented in an Organization?

Your paper is to have a minimum of 5 cited references obtained from articles found in journals, articles from magazines published by professional organizations or societies, articles from professional conferences and/or published books. No article published on the Internet that is not directly connected to an established professional conference, journal or magazine is acceptable as a cited reference source. Published books are acceptable. The course textbook may be used as one reference source.

Your paper length must be no less than 1,500 total words, including the body of the paper and the reference page(s). No abstract or table of contents permitted they will not count as part of the 1,500 words. Be sure you cover the topic completely and thoroughly.

Your research paper should demonstrate a high degree of understanding on your part about the topic of this assignment. You are welcome to utilize graphs, charts, tables or figures if they enhance the point(s) you are making. Do not cut and paste these items in your paper!

Points will be deducted for errors in grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling, or punctuation.

What is a research paper?

A research paper helps to provide answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and how but will not conclusively ascertain answers to why. It includes information from a wide range of sources. The primary focus is on analyzing the different viewpoints uncovered in the existing body of literature based on the facts uncovered in the research rather than presenting oneas opinion on the data uncovered.

Parts of the Paper:

a ¦ INTRODUCTION: Introduce your reader to the topic that you are discussing in the paper they are about to read. The introduction provides the reader supporting information about your topic, the significance, the rationale, your objectives or generally what you will be discussing in your paper. The introduction will not contain detailed information; this will be done in the body of the paper. The introduction should not be more than A? (three quarters) of a page in length.

a ¦ BODY of the PAPER: This part should contain your detailed research findings and information you gained from your readings that relate directly to the topic of the class assignment. Make, support and document your case in this section. Layout this part of the paper in sections, with headings/sub-headings that help to organize the presented material and guide the reader through your logic.

a ¦ CONCLUSION: Here you summarize your findings and tie back to your introduction. In the conclusion, the reader should be able to (if they only read the conclusion) to gain 70-80% of the data or main points presented in your paper in a summary format. This is your opportunity to leave a final and lasting impression on the reader. The conclusion is the most important part of an analytical paper and you must treat it as such, so spend time developing an outstanding and well-written conclusion. The conclusion generally should be no less than one (1) page in length.

Standard APA format:

Typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one inch margins on all sides. In terms of pages 1,500 words will be approximately 6A? pages. The title page is in addition to these pages.