Ow can the phenomenon of fluorescence be used to study the effect of pharmaceuticals on cell systems?

Title: How can the phenomenon of fluorescence be used to study the effect of pharmaceuticals on cell systems?

Within the paper, a range of instruments should be discussed (between 4-5), thus focussing mainly on one type of instrument and basing the paper onto this type of instrument.

Examples of drugs used; Quinone (anti malarial) and Atropine add these as examples within the paper please.

Assessment criteria:

(i) Division of the topic into recognisable sections such as introduction, instrumentation, methods, results, advantages and limitations.

(ii) The assignment should be written in scientific style and should be about 1750 words in length.

(iii) The assignment should present a brief description of the underlying physico-chemical principles involved in the topic by way of an introduction, methods, instrumentation used, data showing results such as electrophoretograms or chromatographs, and discuss the advantages and limitations of the technique discussed.

(iv) The assignment MUST be properly referenced.

Requirements for an A grade:

The assignment should include atleast 4 recent references (post 1980) to primary literature, together with suitable primary literature sources as well as other references to secondary data from suitable texts. The introduction should cover the physico-chemical principles behind the method as well as the different types of analyte. There should be a clear awareness shown of methods used, the results should present data such as electrophoretograms or chromatographs and awareness of the limitations and advantages of the methods shown. The style of English should be concise, scientific and easily understandable at first reading. References should be cited in the text and presented at the end using a full bibliographic style.

This work is urgently required (7 days). I am unable to provide any extensions as i will miss the deadline set. Please complete this piece of work for this date set.

Kind regards.