Ow can the planning system encourage more sustainable patterns of new housing development?

The major is Master of civic design Country and Regional Planning. The course is Spatial Planning Challenges.

The seminar paper topics, between which you are expected make a choice, will be made available via Vital and a printed version of a?selection tablea placed on the postgraduate notice board on which you are expected to indicate your preferred topic. Expressions of interest indicated on that notice will be translated into a schedule of presentations to be delivered on Tuesday 19 November in venues that will be specified nearer the time.

The seminar paper is to be of no more than 2500 words in length, excluding the references. In drafting your paper, you are urged to follow the guidance set out in the document a?Aspects of Writinga for the writing of an essay. In summary, use appropriate section headings and break down your text into paragraphs. References should be cited in the text and listed in accordance with Harvard referencing conventions, again as specified in aAspects of Writinga.

In addition, please note that there is an expectation that documents submitted for assessment will be produced using 1.5 spacing (single spacing is to be avoided) and using a reasonable font size (12 point is ideal).