Ow can the Romanian government drive tourism to improve the Romanian economy?

Project title : Business Research Proposal
Purpose: Use only secondary data!!!
Learning Outcomes :
1. Demonstrate and enhanced ability to read and think critically and define, design, develop a research process that would be applicable in a business context.
2. Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the research process and the application of appropriate research approaches, methods and techniques to the development of evidence-based knowledge.
3. Apply appropriate analytical and interpretive methods and tools to process and present data and information.
4. Recognise the need and be able to apply personal competence in structured research approaches in order to achieve success in the hospitality, tourism, sport and/or event industries.
5. Apply the critical techniques of academic referencing ( APA style)

Organization of the proposal:
Title Page
Background or Introduction (approx 300-500 words)
Aim and Objectives
Literature Review (approx 1000 words)
Research Methodology (approx 750 words)

Independent Research Study Proposal Marking Criteria:
Presentation and Style 5 %
Meets word requirements
Meets recommended format and submission requirements
Headings, Sub-headings, chapters, figures & tables are clear and consistent
Good sentence structure, spelling, grammar and diction
Precise and professionally laid out and presented
The text is justified

Title Page, Background or Introduction 15%
Title: specific and consistent/linked with Aim and Objectives
Background or Introduction
Introduces the reader to the topic of research
Gives background to the theory, concepts, and perspectives of the issues and problems considered.
Provides the rationale from a business research perspective
Identifies the organization and the rationale for selecting this organization to be used in this study.
Explains the broad internal consultancy role that you would be providing in carrying out the research

Aim and objectives 15 %
Aim (Note: there should be only one aim to this research study.)
Aim is clearly linked to the title, background/introduction, literature review, and research methods chapters.
Supplementary Research questions are drafted and are questions stated in terms of an aim and objectives
Precise and clearly written

All objectives are clearly linked to the aim and consistent with the title, background/introduction, literature review, and research methods.
Minimum of three (3)
At least one theoretical objective, stating the theory/ies against which data collected may be evaluated
Realistic, and feasible
They should clearly identify the type of data to be collected and the potential sources of that data.

Literature Review a a review of the THEORY 30 %
A minimum of 1000 words or 15 references is the expected number to carry out an acceptable literature review
Includes a wide variety of current and related academic literature
Claims and assertions are supported with evidence that is referenced.
Clear link between title, background/introduction, literature review, aim and objectives and research methods.
Strong evidence of evaluation and critical analysis of the literature reviewed and how it relates to the study to be carried out
Themes, concepts, main ideas, theories, etc. are organized through the use of headings and sub-headings.
Limited use of quoted material.
Good integration of quoted material into sentences.
Clear transitions from paragraph to paragraph and section to section.
CASE STUDY DATA should not be included in this section

Research Methodology 20 %
The studentas understanding of the core issues surrounding the choice of research methods relating to the use of secondary research sources and its relativity to the study to be carried out is to be justified

Data Collection
All of the data collection methods and/or sources are explained in detail with references.
The concepts of reliability and validity are addressed in relation to the sources of data proposed, with references.

Data Analysis or Interpretation
Data analysis and/or data interpretation process, tools and techniques are appropriately identified, defined and clearly stated with references.
Statistical procedures to be used (if appropriate) to analyze and interpret data are appropriately identified and clearly stated with references
Reliability and Validity a an explanation of the theoretical underpinnings of the use and source of various types of data to ensure that they are ethically sourced and appropriate for Business Research.

References 10 %
APA style referencing used throughout.
All items on reference list to appear with corresponding in-text references
All in-text referenced items to appear on reference list
No evidence of a?cut and pastea to be visible

Special Instructions:
Word Limit for proposal: 2000 2500 words (excluding: title page, references, charts and graphs, appendices)
Note: exceeding the word limit by more than 20 percent will result in a grade reduction of one grade point.
Additional requirements for presentation style:

a? Font:
o Headings Font 14 or 16;
o Main text Font 12. Times New Roman is preferable.

a? Space: Double-spaced throughout the paper except italicised quotations
Make use of Electronic Databases such as:
a? Mintel
a? Emerald
a? Ebsco

Review the theories of tourism development, management, marketing etc in the literature review.