Ow can the Six Sigma approach be introduced into EA Practice

The assignment should take the form of a  white paper through which the student demonstrates the
scope of the management and technical activities involved in achieving the above, as well as discuss
relevant organisational consequences..
Assignment 1 is a draft of the second assignment and based on feedback from the lecturer needs to
be re-worked and submitted as Assignment 2.
Structure of the assignment:
Overview of the topic (e.g. what is SOA? / what is Six Sigma? / what is Information
Identification of the role of the topic in the scope of EA
Description of the management and technical activities and associated organisational
consequences) involved in the introduction of the above into EA practice. Students may use
an enterprise modelling tool (such as Systems Architect or MEGA) to illustrate this process.
Demonstrated understanding of the topic (SOA / Six Sigma / Information Architecture)
Demonstrated understanding of where the selected approach maps onto an EA Framework (what
entities are involved, what human competencies, processes and technology are affected?)
Skill to apply the EA approach to identify a complete process to achieve the objective.
Any material not originally written by the student must be credited to the source using appropriate
bibliographic referencing.
You must attach a photocopy of each page from your researched sources which you have quoted.