Ow can the strategic human resource business partner(SHRBP) add value to the IT department?

Dear writer,
Please note that I am a masters student thus build the answer as much as you can and provide examples or case study. please i have a strict tutor and she wants every things perfect. she wants from us to answer the question critically and evaluate it.
The answer should include;
Relationships(understanding their staff)
HR Systems
Challenges (issues, confidentiality and polities)
IT (strategy, objectives and architecture)
HR Strategy (advise+guidance) (risk vs employment tribunal (ETs).
Please keep the structure, sentences and vocabulary simple because i am an international student. The structure is very important with the conclusion thus tray as possible as you can to make it clear. the limit of word should be around 800 words if it poosible. If there are other things, i will contact you.
Many thanks, Nadeen