Ow can the treatment of cancer with recombinant antibodies be improved?

..Recombinant antibodies
..Antibodies as therapeutic agents
Aims is to describe the development of new role and techniques of producing recombinant antibodies in cancer treatment

..Manufacture of Recombinant Antibodies
(recombinant antibodies from gene libraries , selection of recombinant antibodies with classical expression systems, antibody engineering ,mouse-human chimeras , framework regions of the variable domain from mouse ,antibodies can be humanized etc etc
..Animal models and antibody therapy
.. production of monoclonal antibodies
.. examples of drugs and theis targets( herceptin and other drugs licensed to use in the Uk
.. clinical application of monoclonal antibodies
.. clinical trials
Methods (this section is very important )
.. data collectionclinical trial (Uk)
.. graphs and tables
.. data analysis(
.. satatistical analysis
..mortality and morbidity
.. Monoclonal
.. Dosage of monoclonal antibody
.. Limitations / advantages of this study
.. Future prespectives

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