Ow can the use of  Assertion Skills help us to communicate more effectively

4) How can the use of  Assertion Skills help us to communicate more effectively.

Guidance on each title will be given in class contact time.

You will be assessed on:

1. Content and structure (45)
” Identify the main methods and themes of Interpersonal Psychology
” Apply an understanding of how groups work in various situations and how you work as part of a group.

2. Discussion and Argument (20)

3. Investigation and Referencing (20)

4. Structure, Style and clarity (25)

In order to achieve a pass you must adequately address all the assessment criteria.

one last thing i like to say the last i got an essay done i nearly got cought out as the grammar was to high plz plz this is very impormant try keeping the grammar low and not so high.
Asserting yourself : a practical guide for positive change / Sharon Anthony Bower, Gordon H. Bower.
by Bower, Sharon, 1934-, Bower, Gordon H. (Gordon Howard), 1932

Dont say yes when you want to say no.
by Fensterheim, H., Baer, J

Be assertive : the positive way to communicate effectively.
by Hare, Beverley

Communicate effectively : 24 lessons for day-to-day business success / Lani Arredondo.
by Arredondo, Lani.

Corporate reputation, the brand and the bottom line : powerful, proven communication strategies for maximizing value / Roger Haywood.
by Haywood, Roger, 1939

please just find some good references out couple of the books which i have provided and please reference in the according to the Harvard system of referencing and contain a bibliography of books /sources cited