Ow can time management increase efficiency

How can time management increase efficiency

Introduction (one section)
 What is timing
 The past, present and the future *
 Time management

1Time management
a) The importance of time and timing
b) Time as a variable factor *
c) Cost of time
d) Managing time
e) succession
f) Synchronization

2Time management application areas
a) Administrative
b) Commercial
c) Political
d) Everyday life (home, family & etc

3Time management benefits
(increasing efficiency and productivity, save time and reduce costs)
a) Financial and economic
b) Social, educational.
c) Psychological (less stress) and health.

4Relativity theory of Einstein
a) Definition
b) Relation with time management
c) Applications in time management (better environment)
d) Results

 Conclusion

* Optional

It is necessary to follow the table of contents and organize it as a thesis (writing the chapters and includes second-level or section titles)
I need the references if possible (at least 1)
It s up to the writer to add some extra contents and sections or images and figures, also I don t mind copping some sentences from the sources or some articles in the internet. (It has to be well organized)