Ow can we find happiness from sports? (being healthy, passion for sports, collaboration with other people, the pleasure of victory)

1. Look for sources on the general internet only on a?.gova? and .edua? websites, and only after you have searched on the databases. (One exception to the a?no dot-coma? rule: if you find a major newspaper or magazine article on line, it will be a a?.coma? site, but can still be used.

2. Please make topic sentence(thesis) clear.

3. I want to write about how group sports allow us to work cooperatively with others, learn rules of fair play that apply to all of life, etc.

4. But, I also have a counter-argument for my opinion if it does not bother my paper. Many people are naturally less coordinated, canat catch a ball or run fast, or even improve very much in these areas despite great effort. Their young lives in physical education class are miserable. (game-changers) They donat learn from group cooperation because no stronger team member cooperates with them or even understands their difficulties. I agree these marginalized kids would benefit from healthy physical activity, but that is not what they get in their sports experience. They neither learn the sport nor enjoy the activity. What can be done for such kids? It will help your argument to address this problem. I donat want to sound optimistic by writing that group sports can easily help everyone.