Ow Can We Improve Child Care Safety in the United States.

I. Introduction/Description of the Issue
Why is this topic important?
What is the issueas impact on the subjects?
What is the impact on society?
Explain the history of this issue and how it came about.
Use data, research, case examples from literature to illustrate.

II. Advocacy Efforts
What advocacy efforts have been attempted to address this so far (i.e. legislation, research, public education on the matter, other types of advocacy?
Who are the lead advocates on this matter (are they specific individuals, perhaps politicians, researchers, activists, or are they agencies such as watchdog organizations, universities, etc.?).
Who are the targets of these advocates?
How have the targets responded to the advocacy?
What were the outcomes of advocacy efforts?

III. Current Status of the Issue
Give current trends, facts, data, and research to describe the current status of your topic.
What have been the barriers to addressing the problem?
How would you address these barriers? What methods would you use?
Who would you align yourself with?
What are reasonable outcomes you would expect to see to know that youave been successful?

IV. Relation to Advocacy Theory/Conclusion