Ow can we reduce radiation dose in CTA examination.

Write a reflective journal after CT placement. You can describe your perspective of the CT topic or your learning experience with the CT specialisation, or provide insight into some aspect of the unit topic, e.g. radiation dose reduction.
How can we reduce radiation dose in CT examination.
In Recent technologic advances have markedly enhanced the clinical applications of computed tomography (CT). While the benefits of CT exceed the harmful effects of radiation exposure in patients, increasing radiation doses to the population have raised a compelling case for reduction of radiation exposure from CT. Strategies for radiation dose reduction are difficult to devise, however, because of a lack of guidelines regarding CT examination and scanning techniques. Various methods and strategies based on individual patient attributes and CT technology have been explored for dose optimization. It is the purpose of this assessment to mention basic principles of CT radiation exposure and emphasize the need for CT radiation dose optimization based on modification of scanning parameters and application of recent technologic innovations.