Ow can work and family responsibilities best be balanced?

This is a THESIS paper and thus must contain a viable thesis as the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Make sure you skip a line between paragraphs so that I can tell where one paragraph ends and another begins. Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced.

Additionally, the following rules MUST be followed in writing and submitting
your papers:

First, you are NOT permitted to use first/second person in assignments 1-4
(papers and exams). Using first/second person (I, you, we, our, us, mine, etc)
will cause your paper to lose points in grading.

Second, each of assignments 1-4 must have a thesis as the last sentence of
the introductory paragraph. A thesis must be in your own words, may NOT state
This paper will do xxx”, must not be a quote or paraphrase, and must be a
hypothesis you will demonstrate throughout your paper. Any paper without an
appropriate thesis will lose points in grading. This includes the work on your
midterm and final exams.

Third, each of assignments 1-4 will have a topic sentence as the first
sentence of each body paragraph following the introductory paragraph. The topic
sentence will relate back to the thesis and will not be a quote or paraphrase.
Any paper without topic sentences will have points deducted. This includes the
final and midterm.

Fourth, each of assignments 1-4 will contain critical analysis in all body
paragraphs. No paragraph will be solely fact or ideas without analysis. A paper
without significant analysis have deducted points.

Fifth, do not end a paragraph with a quote or paraphrase. Another authors
work will be used to back up your own work and will not go unanalyzed.

Sixth, avoid unfocused words whenever possible. Unfocused words include words
like Itand They”. Make sure your subject is clear.

Seventh, every paper will have appropriate grammar, spelling, and sentence
structure. Incomplete and run on sentences are unacceptable, as are significant
grammatical errors.

If you quote text, enclose the quotation in quotation marks and provide a
full citation, including date of access.