Ow can your mental models about your world both assist and limit your perceptions when you meet a person for the first time?

Subject : Organisational Learning and Development
1. Essay format hence clear introduction, body and conclusion
2. Word count: 10% leeway a hence between 1350-1650 words.
3. Direct quotes a maximum 10% of word count
4. Read the question carefully a address all highlighted areas
5. Lectures 1-3 and the mental model reading (week 2) and Perception and Individual Learning reading (week 3) are especially relevant. Start with this to provide insights, annotate areas you think is relevant to the topic and undertake further research to demonstrate and support your critical analysis.
6. For a 1500 word essay we recommend between 8-10 references (including the 2 in point 5 above.
7. Make sure you provide intext references. As a third-level unit we hope you will use multi-references (e.g. (Perry 2000; Colts et al 2011) or Perry (2000) and Senge (2006) argue ....) to support your analysis and arguments.
8. Make sure you do not provide standalone researched work a at all time show the linkages between your researched work and your argument. Do not let the marker second guess why you included a certain piece of information. The onus is on you to show the relevance of the information/ researched work to your argument.
9. Refer to the marking criteria and do a checklist that you have satisfied the requirements. Be strategic in how to maximise your marks Criterion 1 (Effort) and 5 (Presentation and referencing) are relatively easy marks.
10. The School referencing standard is Harvard Referencing a there is a document on the assessment site in vUWS. Make sure your referencing is consistent throughout your reference list. If you bracket the year in one entry make sure you do the same for all others.