Ow can Zen Buddhism help you cope with life struggles, especially in our modern world


This paper is for my history of religions class. We discussed several religions and have to choose one you find particularly interesting, and go deeper and find a specific aspect of the religion you find particularly interesting and want to learn more about. I have chosen Buddhism as my religion for this essay and in particular Zen buddhism, and how this branch of buddhism can help you cope with life struggles especially in our modern materialistic world. I want the essay to be 5 pages long but I entered 6 pages in my order because I need one page as reference page a complete bibliography is needed, also either use footnotes or MLA parenthetical references. No use of wikipedia or any wikipedia derived information. The instructions are as followed: the paper is an opportunity to learn further about something which interested you (Zen buddhism) It is centrally important to identify the interest in the topic ( so Zen buddhism for me) in the first paragraph of the paper briefly explain why you were so interested and what you hoped to find out ( hoping to find out how Zen buddhism can help you deal with struggles in our modern materialistic world) so in this essay we are investigating the aspect of how Zen buddhism can help you cope with these struggles and you may also include investigation findings about the uniqueness of Zen Buddhism in its whole and what is so important about this branch of buddhism. So in total 5 pages with the 6th page being the reference/bibliography page 🙂 Thank you very much!!! Hope the instructions are clear!