Ow change in IBMs culture affect business performance within company

I am studying at English university therefore my english skills should be higher than average although I am non native speaker.
I ordered this work as dissertation as it includes very many parts of it and it is not exactly essay or research paper. It is research paper in terms of some standards but not till very end. It is research paper as a in depth study…

I would like you to write research paper/in depth study which would like your website referred dissertation stage III V.
it should be a lenght of 4000 words and be about IBMs culture influence on their business performance in last two decades. The resources used should be everything available and work should include:
1)aims and objectives for this work
2)description of research methodoly (work must include deep research)
3)conclusions and recommendations

questions like Was there need to change culture? Where the impact can be seen? what were the business and which management levels change influenced most? who drove the culture change? should be asked.

This work is part of bigger work which I am writing myself but because of lack of time as I wont be able to do that in following month, I need help with this. Hence, Please do not waste words on explaining what IBM is and what are ibms services, really concentrating only on their culture, including theories, showing financial performance statistics, employee opinions, etc
no need to include what they produce, their history and their marketing strategies or competitors.

Work has to be well researched section showing balance between theoritical understanding, practical application and conclusion.
Research method nees to be documented.

I will add all the information I have about the company and I think would be useful for you. Please let me know if there is need for any clarification

And Thank you!