Ow changes and developments in communication and information technology may influence the coordination of firms worldwide operations.

Section 1 of your Prospectus. Please be aware as you begin your Prospectus that this deliverable is set up to mirror your final doctoral study. Each section will not be as fully developed, as you will expand on your ideas in your doctoral study, but this approach allows you to develop early success and definition on the path to your completed doctoral study. It will also help you clearly understand the expectations of your doctoral study so that you do not encounter unnecessary surprises.
Section 1 of your Prospectus centers on defining the problem. Be sure to include the following aspects:
” Describe the problem that prompted your study. Discuss the details of how the problem unfolds in the context of the business environment.
” Articulate the Problem Statement in the form of a research question.
” State the rationale for choosing the problem (why did you choose this particular problem?)
o Provide evidence of the problem
o Optional: Collect needs assessment data
” Provide evidence of the problem from the professional literature (the Literature Review should define the parameters of the doctoral study).
Section 1 should be approximately 8 10 pages in APA format.

Section 2 of the Prospectus centers on describing the project. Be sure to include the following aspects:
” Restatement of the project purpose and research question(s)
” Description of the analytical methodology
o Provide the theoretical and research foundations of the project design (methodology and context).
o Identify data that you might need to collect and a preliminary plan for collecting those data.
o Discuss statistical tools or processes you could use to analyze data.
o Identify the appropriate variables in the context of the study.
Section 2 should comprise 3 5 pages in APA format

Section 3: Application to Professional Practice and Implications for Change
Section 3 of your Prospectus is due this week. You will want to incorporate any feedback you have received up to this point that affects this section.
Section 3 of the Doctoral Study Project centers on results. As you have not yet conducted your study, this section in your Prospectus will involve a bit of presumption. The goal in asking you to include a Section 3 in your Prospectus that mirrors Section 3 of the Doctoral Study Project is to help you to see the big picture and flow of your work.
Be sure to include the following aspects in Section 3 of your Prospectus:
” What are the applications of the study to professional practice?
” What are the implications for change
o in business scholarship and in other disciplines?
o as applied to yourself as a practitioner and planner?
o in your project development and evaluation as it stands today and as it may evolve?
Section 3 should be approximately 1 page in APA format.