Ow changes in purchasing of video games influenced on UK students ?

Id like you to write me a literature review for this topic , where I described how new systems of buying and playing video games has changed the attitude of students for buying this games. For example, online games , that you play fo free , but for better skills you should pay money . Or , for instance, new contents and capabilities of video games , such as multiplaying or extra -levels , and , moreover, better security systems, made licensed video -gamesmore attractive than illegally downloaded video-games. But, on the other hand , that kind of games became more expensive , so thats why some students still prefer to keep money and to download video games for free.

My instruction is to write literature review , based on this information and 5 references should be taken from this web-site : library if it is possible. My login is: ackf310 password : Ps123456.

Please , take a note , that my IELTS writing is 6.0