Ow children in year 1, whith English as an additional language are supported in their literacy skills,in a local primary school.

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This is a Research Project with only 5000 words; the report should normally include an abstract; a clear and appropriate line of inquiry or investigation; a critical review of relevant literature about (1500words)in the literature review can you add comments about the National Curriculum requirements please; a description of and justification for, the chosen research methods; a statement regarding ethical consideration relation to the identified research project; systematic and rigorous analysis of data, research findings conclusions and dissemination of findings as appropriate (You will not have this information as I still work on in the findings). But feel free to add anything in also recommendations
I do have some material not all. The title of the report is  HOW CHILDREN IN YEAR 1 WITH ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE ARE SUPPORTED IN THEIR LITERACY SKILLS,IN A LOCAL PRIMARY SCHOOL. (Year 1 children/pupils ages are between 5 to 7 years old). This local school in London (UK) has about 27 languages from different background. The aim of this survey is to obtain information, to analyze how these children with English as an Additional Language are supported in their literacy and communication skills by their school.

Methodologyresearch objectives
” Determine the technique employed by teachers who are teaching literacy to improve the English literacy to year one classes. Action plan: Conduct a survey of teachers who are teaching in Year One. By: interviews and questionnaires and review National Curriculum requirements.
” Find out whether or not additional literacy intervention is available for EAL children (English Additional Language).Action plan: interview/questionnaire to,class room teachers and specialists teachers ( EMAG) English Minority Additional Grant. SENCO teacher (especial needs coordinator teacher). Also the Literacy coordinator teacher.
” Determine if there are specific methods that are beneficial for EAL children to develop literacy skills. Action plan: Conduct a survey of teachers  interviews and questionnaires.
” Evaluate the English Proficiency of the EAL children. Action plan: Analyse levels of literacylevels of reading; levels of writing; levels of speaking/listening. (These levels of literacy are reading data which was formulated throughout their assessments)
” Establish if parents are satisfied with their children s progress in literacy skills. Action plan: conduct a survey for parentsquestionnaires

During impute of the methodology could you please try to give a justification of the chosen methods.

The population of the classes are small. Also about 60 children and 70% are EAL.
EMAG teachers are supported by the Local Education Authority by annual grant to help these children. Resources such as books from different cultures are provided by these specialists teachers. They work closely with the classes teachers. They do take small amount of children to give extra literacy support as well as discuss culture aspects, looking into any possible barriers. The literacy coordinator teacher works closely with children that have literacy difficulties or/and support them in this area. Other specialist teachers deliver the phonics programme, were children learn the sounds of the English alphabet.
The school it seem well resourced.
I have sought permition to the Head teacher of this school to proceed with the survey. I have also informed parents via a letter about my intensions of the survey, reassuring them confidentiality.