Ow Chinas one-child policy impact economy development? Just focus on one aspect(such as labor market, human capital or sustainability)

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It should include introduction, background, analysis,conclusion and reference(not count for a page)

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1. Introduction
What is your issue/topic/question? Why is it important? What is your conclusion?
2. Background information.
If appropriate, you should describe the institutional background clearly. For example, if you want to discuss the effect of a major policy in China, then you should address the following points:
1) When did the policy implemented?
2) What was the aim of this policy?
3) Which group was affected by this policy?
3. Analysis
For your analysis, you need to provide evidence to support your conclusion. You should utilize the following in the analysis section.
1) Basic economic tools.
For example, how did this policy affect a specific group of people in the economy? Did this policy affect the supply side or the demand side of a market? How would the equilibrium move?
2) Narrative evidence.
The evidence may come from your personal experience, news reports, and other descriptions about modern China.
4. Conclusion
Briefly summarize your issue/topic/question and your main conclusion.
5. Reference