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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Components of the assignment:

(1) Introduction:

The introduction should contain the following components.

1. Introduce your topic and describe the major/relevant issue (s) that you are going to investigate in your paper.

2. Briefly explain your motivation for choosing this particular subject and provide a thesis statement that will form the basis of your enquiry.

3. Provide a few framing questions that you will pursue to guide your research project and provide the evidence to support your argument. In other words, through your thesis statement what exactly are you trying to investigate and how will these framing questions help you achieve this?

(2) Annotated Section: 5 7 sources total:

Only two sources can be websites. Wikipedia/CIA fact file sites are not allowed. You will need to get creative, visit the library, and find different means of sourcing information rather than simply relying on your computer and online searches. A component of your final grade for this paper is the quality of these sources.

The Annotated Section should contain the following components.

1. List the source (author, date, title, journal, publisher, and URL if itas a website), then answer the following questions:

2. Write a brief (a short paragraph) summary. Be sure to include what you determine to be the authoras main point.

3. Do you agree with the author or not and, most importantly, why?

4. How does this source contribute to answering your questions and supporting your research?

(3) Interpretation:

Finally, summarize what all of these sources say about your topic. Do they support an initial hypothesis you had or point in another direction? Here is where you will demonstrate your critical thinking! Feel free to use examples from lectures, readings, and any life experiences to illustrate your points.

1. The Interpretation section should contain a summary and conclusion with the following components.

2. Having completed your research, what have you learned? Were you surprised by what you found out during this project? Were you challenged in any way?

3. What does what youave learned have to do with themes, concepts or issues weave covered in class? Were there any clear correlations between your topic and issues that were discussed in class? Did what you learn challenge any material from lectures or readings?

4. After completing did this assignment what claims can you make about your topic and a?human geographya more generally? What did you learn about the world, and about yourself?

a? Your bibliography must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, stapled, 5-7 pages, with your name and GTFas name at the top of the first page.
a? Do your best to address each component or question outlined.
a? Sloppy grammar, spelling, and a non-analytical approach will detract from your total score as will displays of weak and non-diverse source material.
a? Feel free to use maps, photographs, graphs/tables and any other visual evidence in this assignment.
a? Include page numbers at the bottom center of each page.
a? You must use the Chicago style for in text citation and for your bibliography.
a? Any graphics will be in addition to the page limits specified above.

Due Nov. 26th at the beginning of class. To ensure fairness to those who submitted their assignments on time, and in the manner stipulated, no late or emailed assignments will be accepted unless a valid medical situation has occurred and the appropriate supporting evidence can be produced.

You must upload your assignment to Safe Assign, and hand a hard copy to your GTF. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero score for the assignment.