Ow Chinese TV maintain its position in new media age

I have bought this paper from you. And now my supervisor ask me to revise the paper with the comment that she gave. This work is very important to me. Thanks for your help.

I will attach the dissertation. And the comment are as following:

General comments:
This dissertation is very poorly organised and contains no economic analysis. Without a clear statement of (theoretically informed) objectives, it is not clear whether the methodology is appropriate. And by p.7, it remains unclear what the author has in mind. The literature review needs to be brought forward; this is an important part of the dissertation because it should provide a motivation for the research. The expression of ideas is very poor in parts. There is too much reliance on extensive quotations, particularly, from Xin (and without giving page numbers); the author must use their own words in order to demonstrate understanding. Much of the dissertation is descriptive. The inclusion of some descriptive statistics does not amount to economic analysis.

Specific comments:
The Introduction provides a reasonable backdrop to the dissertation. Sources should be given for the data supplied.
P.3: too much reliance on an overly long quotations.
P.4: it would help to have a much clearer statement of objectives and hypotheses before embarking on the methodology.
Pp.5-7: is the Methodology a literature review?? If so, there are no references. These pages are extremely woolly.
P.9-11: the discussion here is a distraction from whatever are the main aims of the dissertation; it isn t at all clear how this fits in with an economic analysis of the TV broadcasting industry in China.
P.12: too much reliance on a long quotation.
P.14: ditto.
P.17: ditto.
P.18: ditto.
If all the quotations were removed, the dissertation would be considerably shorter and contain fewer ideas. Even the conclusion ends with a quotation.
This is a economic dissertation. Some chart and diagram analysis are needed in the paper.

Ow Chinese TV maintain its position in new media age

this dissertation is a economic one, and my study is media economy. in the article some economic princle and theory should be included.

the main competition may come from internet and digitalizaion.
the investment that spent on the TV advertisement and internet advertisement might demonstrate that the internet had a quick growth and pressure the TV in the media market.
the viewing ratio might indicate that people spent less time on TV.(this might not directly improve that the internet break into TVs market share, but it would demonstrate that TV face a very hard situation)