Ow Cloud Services can support Business Intelligence: Pitfalls and Upsides?

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There are several generic basic steps to writing a this essay:

1. identify the arguments of the other authors and critically analyse their views
2. briefly state your argument, positioned by the arguments of other authors
3. argue your viewpoint persuasively and more fully with reference to the views of other authors

4. justify your findings

These Links are helpful and must be used in writing the essay research as well as to any other useful related links ( It shouldnt be just these two ) :
1. /aspx

The essay research should contain also the following points:

Abstract: Identify the issues and significance.
Introduction: Introduce this research proposal.
Body: Arguing and discussing the raised points points.
Conclusion: Concluding remarks, schedule for the development of the critical essay at a later date.

Marking Criteria:
Argument Comprehension:
The essay reveals topic comprehension and balanced arguments. The essay demonstrates an ability to analyse critically, think reflectively, argue persuasively, and to synthesis the argument with source material.

Essay Structure:
The abstract summarises the whole essay. The introduction introduces the essay and the conclusion provides a high level summary and your findings. The main section critiques the arguments/views of other authors. The logic is clear and cohesively linked.

Writing Style:

Clarity of writing style, accurate spelling and grammar, well presented, appropriate essay length (does not exceed the word limit by more or less than 10% . The abstract and reference list are included in the word count.)

Research and Referencing:

Research must be thorough using diverse, relevant and creditable academic and industry sources. Referencing must be accurate and consistent with in-text citations.