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AD 718
Overview of the Mutual Fund Industry
Assignment #2

Assignment #2 will be a research paper on a topic of importance to the Mutual Fund Industry. The topic to be analyzed will be chosen at your discretion, but should either be selected from the suggested topics below or, discussed with me, if not selected from the suggested topics below. ALL TOPICS MUST BE APPROVED BY ME PRIOR TO YOU BEGINNING YOUR RESEARCH!

The purpose of Assignment #2 is for you research a topic of interest that is of importance to both the Mutual Fund Industry as well as to increase your knowledge and understanding of this industry. One of the benefits of this research should be to allow you to be a better and more informed investor.

The Assignment #2 analysis should be between 7 and 10 pages, double spaced. The page limit does not include the cover page and any exhibits. Please number all pages beginning with the first page after the cover page.

Your final analysis will be submitted to me in hard copy and also soft copy. The hard copy will be submitted no later than the beginning of class on December 9th. The soft copy of your final analysis will be sent to my email address (wmmcgue1bu.edu) BEFORE class begins no later than December 16th. The soft copy will be used as input into SafeAssign, a Boston University approved source, which will provide me with a report indicating the percentage that your final analysis matches sources from their data bank. Since you are not experts in the area of mutual funds, a certain percentage matching is expected. However, the percentage that matches other sources should not be so high that the analysis is merely a a?cut and pastea? effort. Also, remember to cite all sources that you use to prepare your analysis. See below for more about citing references. a? Hedge Funds have been a topic of significant news reports in recent years due to their manner of they operate, their impact on the financial markets, their lack of transparency, etc. Investigate these issues and opine on the laws and regulations under which Hedge Funds operate and also those being proposed for Hedge Funds. Do these proposed laws and regulations go far enough? Do these proposed laws and regulations go too far?Any plagiarism will be reported to the Dean and dealt with according to the Academic Conduct Code of Metropolitan College

Boston University makes available to all faculty members the plagiarism tool a?SafeAssigna?. The site contains millions of papers from around the world. When a paper is submitted to SafeAssign, it is analyzed and compared to other works. SafeAssign reports if any parts of the paper are matched from other sources. Specifically, SafeAssign will detect apparent cases of plagiarism or submissions which are predominantly a?cut and pastea?.
Written Assignments: Written assignments are to be prepared using the APA writing style and guidleline for references format. The paper must contain a bibliography and all direct quotations and data sources must be properly cited. The Department uses the APA style as it lends itself well to both reading the paper and understanding references without being cumbersome as some other styles. Students can download the student style guide from the American Psychological Association website ) that will step the student through the process as you write your paper, if you desire a more a?personal assistancea?.

Written assignments are considered to be research papers. Remember that work that you use from other authors MUST be referenced. Since it is assumed that you are not an authority on the topic that you are writing, it is expected that this paper is an overview of many different sources of information. These sources must be credited to the author using the APA format. This is your paper and not the cut and paste of someone elseas work. The internet has led to a false sense of what research is all about. Those new to research tend to think that it means spending an afternoon surfing the internet and then an afternoon cutting from the material available. Keep in mind the internet is (1) not quality oriented (some information is good and some is bad a the internet does not know the difference) and (2) the internet is Not the sole

Conclusion is important!