Ow computer-mediated communication effects the way of negotiation? The impact of online text based communication in an online negotiation.

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The contents have to include: (Apart from abstract, introduction, etc& )
· General Literature Review (around 1500 words) : try to justify the reason for the chosen topic. The most important information (big piece of news) has to be presented as the first sentence of this paper (what is this topic about? What is this paper is going to look at? etc )
-critically evaluate the topic from methodological , theoretical and practical point of view. IMPORTANT
-look if there is something wrong (problem) and try to fix it (make suggestions for the better way to do it)

IMPORTANT to JUSTIFY the choice of this topic (why it is interesting?)  show the problem and then look one step furtheris there any advantages in this ( look at the problem from another side: is there something positive in it) be creative.

· Specific literature review : the most important outcome of general reading (important to concentrate on specific topic!)
CRITICAL approach towards the topic from THEORETICAL(what is real theory behind it) , METHODOLOGICAL (criticizes collected methodology) and PRACTICAL (practical implications, practical difficulties from your own experience, what is the way forward, real life examples  One instance from Youtube, which does not agree with literature) POINT OF VIEW.

· Conclution: Main pint: which literature has problems (the MOST important problemssomething interesting)? What we know and do not know about this problem? etc
· References must be used only from journals and books (around 30-40)
I will try to provide as much literature related to this topic as I can.
I also can extend deadline up to 5 days
use only journals and books for referencing