Ow Confucianism influenced Female Equality in South Korea

(This is what I wrote for the brainstorming. Topic is pretty much broad and free to write anything about Confucianism and personal experiences can be used as well. )
South Korea experienced many social changes. And among those changes, women equality is one of the biggest change that greatly influenced our social life. Before, women had disadvantages such as not allowed to get equal education as men, legal rights, not eating at the same table, marriage and so on.
Before in Korea, it is customary to married couple to live with husbandas parentas house. This custom means that once they are married then woman leave her parents and become a member of husbandas household. Womenas duty as a wife to a husband was absolute obedience. And the biggest mission of a wifeas duty was to have a son. Polygamy was allowed by law.
In the workforce, womenas role was to support rather than acting as a leader. The salary gap was unquestionable and female workers didnat have opportunity and wasnat able to have a high ranking position than a men. Korean government even set the law that business to protect women from being discriminated against men that the employer should not ask female employees about marriage status which is unnecessary in the workforce.
Nowadays, as time passes, the society demanded female to be equal because all women have same rights to men and women had not been treated equally in the past. The discrimination against women had been around us for a long time in Korea. According to Global Gender Gap Report, Korea is one of the worst places for women to live in the world. It is ranked 111th among 136th countries surveyed, despite the election of the nationas first female president (Kim).
Even in Korea TV dramas, it is frowned upon when we see any women who suffer from women discrimination that would have happened in the past.