Ow convincingly do the two studies establish media influence, and why they reach rather different conclusions about the medias role.

No more than 1500 words.

Try to use only the two articles in the referencing requirements to answer the question, other material maybe used if needed to clear a certain parts of the articles.

How do these two pieces approach identifying media effects on voting, what data they use and what results they show, why do the two pieces appear to yield rather divergent conclusions about the impact of newspapers on the way people vote?
Chicargo, please put page number of reference so i can refer back to it.

the two articles needed for the question;
1. John Curtice, Was it the sun wot won it again? The influence of newspapers in the 1997 Election Campaign, crest working paper 75 (1999)
2. Kenneth Newton and Malcolm Brynin, The National Press and Party Voting in the UK, Political Studies, 49:2 (2001)