Ow Corporate Governance Plays An Important Role In Managing A Successfull Family Business PLC In The Long Run

Dear Writer

I attached below the comments made by my supervisor as my completed work is not accepted by him. Can you please repair and edit the necessary parts as it will be considered fail if the comments are not taken into consideration.

The main areas that need correction are as follows:

The introthe background is too sketchy  how is it linked to corporate governance
Lit review has little discussion relating to family business. No principal research question coming out of the lit review.
Research methodology: what will be the primary research? How did you plan to collect data  other than just using web-sites?
Findings: your text is very descriptive with not much real discussion of the diss title. Your work lacks an understanding of the workings of family businesses.

The work is not coherent  it does not fit together

Which companies were included in the research?

Some sections of your text do not make any sense; eg final para ch5

 Finally, this study examined the issue of the board size and a set of exogenous variables that were used in this study. The study found evidence that the board size is endogenously determined with FCB ownership, officers and directors ownership and CEO duality. The board size has a significant positive and endogenous relation with FCB ownership and a significant negative and endogenous relation with ownership of officers and directors and CEO duality.

What does this mean?