Ow could a multinational corporation get competitive advantage in operating in a global economy?

This is an essay for a module called, Globilization: forces, players and management. University of London.

Provide original hints that will make the essay different from others.

If there are any relevant tables, figures, graphs then please include….

Rigour and tidiness.

Make sure the essay ends in a coherent way. Conclusion, analysis, etc..

Explain the argument and the boundaries of the essay.

Include atleast one case study.

Use headings when appropriate.

Link description to some theories and/ or debates.

Use a uniform standard for references.

Out of the 6 sources, I would like the writer to choose 4 of his/her own and include these two sources:
Hill, C. W. L. (2005), International business, Competing in the global marketplace, New York: McGraw-Hill.
Buckley, P.J and Ghauri, P.N (2004), Globilization, Economic Geography and the Strategy of Multinational Enterprises”, Journal of international business studies, 35,81-98.