Ow could human cloning harm or benefit us?

*How could human cloning harm or benefit us? Support with examples.
a?The essay is written in the illustrative mode.
*Use rhetorical strategies
a?The essay contains a precise, pertinent, and persuasive thesis.
a?The essay makes effective use of descriptive language if/when appropriate.
a?Interand intra-paragraph content is effectively organized (spatially, temporally, logically, or by order of importance) and makes use of topic sentences and appropriate transitional expressions.
a?The introduction and conclusion are engaging, cohesive, and appropriate to their position in the essay.
a?In the same document as the essay, include a paragraph reflecting on the process of composing it: a?Which step did you find easiest?
a?Which step hardest?
a?What have you learned from the process of writing this essay?
a?What will you do differently when writing an essay in the future?