Ow could the Prison and National Probation Service work together to provide end to end offender management in order to reduce reoffending.

This request is for the completion of a proposal form for a Masters Dissertation. All information regarding the proposal form and its completion has been faxed to you today.

It would appear that the first half to one page must include any background information and rationale for choosing the topic, including why it is of personal interest. Points as follows:-

1. Associated with both Services for a number of years.
2. Personal interest in offender management and ways in which it could be improved to deliver one of its main aims to provide public protection and reduce reoffending in order to provide the community with a safer place to live. (how to gain public confidence?)
3. Experience knowledge and interest.
4. Interested in the interventions of both services and alternative ways/means of how results could be achieved in a much more effecient and effective manner to fullfil it objectives and aims.

5. Prove by evidence and research that end to end offender management can prove more effective rather than separation of Prison and Probation activities/interventions.

6. Interest in joint working Criminal justice agencies working togetherpartnership working.

Bibliograhy of previous work faxed and would like to incorporate some of the main books utilised previously e.g. Mintsberg, Mullins etc