Ow could we use ADR to settle civil justice matter more efficiently “

Hello dear, I am right now in sudden trip in my back home. This essay is for my legal foundation course. I am in a top 10 law school in UK right now. Only reason I am giving you this order to help me because I need to get a very good grade. I already did the sample work and showed to my proffesor. HE was not really happy with it. I want to attach the copy of sample essay work which i did previously. Please read the following instruction first before doing the essay.
1. First of all i am not a native english speaker. SO please write the essay by a person who will write proper english but not doubtable.
2. My proffesor is very choosy. He will go through the research trial. He will see whther actually I did the research and put the summery of it in the essay. SO please make sure when you do the research , make sure you put the ideas and stuff from the reseaerch and also put FOOTNOTES. Please also provide bibliography. Pleease AGAIN dont misunderstand with the RESEARCH TRIAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. Reearch trial should be from number of different source. like 1. Online legal database which is authentic. 2. law journals. 3. handasards. 4. Book . 6. ONline artices.7. Cases.
3. Please when do write the essay try to use as much of case authoratives.
4. Please try to write a smart work so that they wont doubt that its not done by me. Thats why I want to attach the sample paper which I wrote so that you would have an idea of my writing. you can provie me an email so that i can email you in the other address my formative work.
6. The entire essay has to have 2500 words which is not include the bibliography and resreach trial. The essay has to have 2500 words. Make sure the research trial has to be done because it has 10% of the total grade.

7. The topic of the essay is
How could we use ADR to settle civil justice matter more efficiently “. ~~ This is the title of my summertive work essay.

So you have to cover all topics of ADR which is applicable for Engalnd and Wales legal Systems. Wolf reform has to be discussed. Lots of cases/ journals/ handsards has to be discussed. Make sure its not written in hard english but has a standard. All I want not to get caught but get good grades in this paper. So please Dont put me in any trouble.

THis is my first order for you guys. if I am happy , I will give more.

Thanks and confirm me my order. Make sure I NEED TO GET IT done by SUNDAY night with is 8 th. thats why I give extra money for 3 days delevery. Please if you can send it by Sunday NOON so that i can read and see if there is any change has to be needed or not. I will really appreacite that.