Ow customers discover an unknown online store and what keeps them coming back?

Hello i odered before the product with you and was completed and was given a discount of 7% but they have provide the code to me.
I want you to help me wit the following questionnaires creations and styles. I have created the questionnaires and what i want it to check the questions styles and amend with the correct sentences. Also to check for topic dissertation if the topic sounds great and amend the sentences if possible. Thank you. These are the following topic and questionnaires:

TOPIC for dissertation: How customers discover an unknown online store and what keeps them coming back?
1. Have you ever buy stuffs/products from unknown website or website that you never heard of? Yes or no
2. How do you discover the website: was it
-when you see it on (social media facebook, twitter, linkedin,
-find out about the site by using search engines google, bing, yahoo when you were looking for the products you want?
-email marketing (email advert) or when you receive an email about products?
-or anything else
3. What attracted you to make decision and buy the product? was it
-The cheap price,
-Was it just what you needed?
-Short delivery times
-or something else? What was that?
4. Some others times Did you go back to the same website again to buy others products?
5. What bring you back to the website? Was it because:
they are cheaper than others websites?
have better customer services,
do rapid delivery?
sell quality products?
-Regular emails from the company that draws you back to the website?
This research will help to decide what kind of marketing strategy really work better for new ecommerce or online store.