General Description

Your research essay should be a brief but well written and technically correct project. It should treat a topic in which you are genuinely interested and about which you would like to have more knowledge. The reason it will be brief is so that the steps and the process of research can be emphasized, and so that you can give your attention to doing a short paper correctly instead of thinking about gathering up lots of material. Your goal is two-fold: (1) Learn something new about a topic, and 2) Learn the steps and overall process of doing research.

General Requirements:

Use the MLA style.
It should have at least five sources, two of which are books (hard copies); the other three or more sources may be books, articles, pamphlets, or any combination of these four, and may be online sources only if you go through Galileo. Do not use Wikipedia which is a general encyclopedia. Do not pick a topic that you cannot fine two books that you can hold in your hand since you need to know how to document both print sources and online sources. Make an outline of your paper.

Required Steps:

Pick a topic. Cast your topic in the form of a research problem or question. Do a computer games interfere with adolescentsaa ability to learn? How did Rome spring from a city-state in central Italy to an empire that controlled of the known world? How has (name a musician or musical group) influenced American music? What influences shape Bill Gatesa business genius? What is the basic philosophy of business (and life) of Truett Cathy? How did Sam Walton build his retail empire? Why does sickle cell anemia attack, almost solely, people of color? Are animals being treated responsibly in research Lab? What is the benefit of being an exchange student? What role did Rosa Parks play in the civil right movements? How did FDR help America survive the Great Depression? Does birth order affect oneas personality and achievement? How are multinational corporations affecting the lives of American? What are the causes of growth of so many Amican Megachurches? In what ways is American English changing? Note do not write on drugs, the homeless, or global warming. Follow Hodges Harbrance regarding parenthetic citations and Works Cited. Order your paper in the following fashion: title page, outline, body, and works cited. Follow harbrance regarding title page contents and the numbering of pages.
Important things to remember:

No plagiarism. Understand that direct quotations should be used sparingly. Most of your paper will be paraphrased, but your paraphrased material is still borrowed and must be documented. Write down the source because your parenthetic citations and works cited page will require the source information when you put your notes into rough draft form. The essay should follow the order of your outline. As you write, document (parenthetically cite) each paragraph. This may not apply to your introduction or your conclusion. If a paragraph comes from more than one source, you will need more than one citation for that paragraph. I need a first preliminary outline of my research paper and two sources to show to my instructor. Before the due date, I choose the topic a?HOW DANGEROUS IS SMOKING FOR YOUR HEALTH? I found two books on smoking, 1. Easy Way For Women To Stop Smoking, and THE EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING both books were writing by ALLEN CARR. Is there any way you can find this two books as some of my sources and them find the orders. I will need two books to give my instructor by August 29, 2009.
This will be a Preliminary outline of the topic. He wants me to show outline and at least two pages of my rough draft. By August 29, 09. Please let me know if you people can do this for me. The hold paper is by August 31, 2009.