Ow defaulting the Greek bond could ease up the European Crisis Tension

2) Proposed Topic and rationale:

Euro Crisis in terms of the Greek debt issue.

3) What is the research question addressed in the paper? ( after topic has been approved)

How defaulting the Greek bond could ease up the European Crisis Tension.

4) What new information or perspective will readers gain from your answer(s) to this question? Define your target audience.

They will understand briefly how Greece got themselves into this trouble and how the European union and Greece are trying to solve the issue.

5) Briefly describe the points you plan to cover and the perspective of your treatment:

How it Happened. What defaulting the Greek bond actually means. How the debts are relieved by different actions.

6) Briefly describe the research strategy. Include primary sources and the secondary sources you plan to use:

The economist as a secondary source. The ECB (European Central Bank) and the IMF (international monetary fund) websites as a primary source. I will also in general be looking for articles which are European and American based to get different perspectives on how Europe feels about this issue and how the USA feels about this issue

Please double space and APA really important!!

Please explain in the intro all necessary terms to define this question