Ow democratic is the electoral college, based on the principals and philosophies of the Framers of the Constitution?

Imagine that the framers have been transported from the eighteenth century to 2013. Using readings from the class (such as the Constitution, How Democratic is the American Constitution by Robert A. Dahl, and research of current day events) answer the following questions in a critical essay: What would the framers think about American government today? More specifically, how would the framers evaluate the electoral college based on founding philosophies and writings?

Discuss the intentions of the framers and what they wanted to accomplish in establishing a new nation. Then, compare these theories and structures with present day realities about your topic.

Your references will be Academicreferences, ie scholarly, peer reviewed (when appropriate) sources. Your sources may be primary (such as the constitution, How Democratic is the American Constitution, etc.) or secondary (such as journals).