Ow Derren Brown apply theories in social psychology experiments to one of his TV episode: The Gameshow (500 words introduction)

For this time, only an Introduction Paragraph 500 wordsis needed, and I will be paying more for the body paragraphs and conclusion later as this is an portfolio.
For the Introduction”:
* Mention which series, episode by Derren Brown (The video link is in the attached file)
1) Topic sentence
2) Background information
3) Definition (Find one / two terms that needed to be explained by using quotes form literature search articles)
4) Justification
5) Aim
6) Thesis Statement (A clear, detailed one)
7) Outline (A separate paragraph) (Aim/ argument of each section, example, article using in the section. E.g. These concepts will be explained by using xxxxx ( xxxx:xx) )

Dear writer,
The whole introduction is required to be at least 400 words.
I have uploaded a literature article search for you.
If you would like to use some other academic articles, please do.

More instructions and details are in the attached word document, thank you

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