Ow did Ann Freud revise Sigmund Freud s work? & Is Winnicott good for Piggle? (2500 words each essay)

My coursework is in 2 parts  The first is the Theory Essay and the second is the Character Profile.

The module title is childhood & Psychoanalysis. It is a sociological subject and each part of the assessment should contain 2500 words (in total 5000 words).

Both parts of the coursework can be different and not linked to each other.

The first part (Theory Essay) should demonstrate basic understanding of concepts and theories in Childhood & Psychoanalysis. Examples of essay questions are: How do people learn? What is Psychoanalysis? And so on.

I have chosen and think the following essay question to be a good essay question for childhood & Psychoanalysis. The title for my Theory Essay is: How did Ann Freud revise Sigmund Freud s work? Please note that the word length is 2500 words for this part.

The second part of the assessment is the Character Profile. We were informed at the start of the course to read Winnicott, D. W. (1980) The Piggle: An Account of the Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Little Girl. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

I have included instructions on how to do the first part and the second part. So please see the attachment. For the second part of the assessment, I have chosen the question: Is Winnicott good for Piggle? However, in order to answer this question successfully, I think you need to read the book. If this question is difficult then you can suggest an alternative question but please bear in mind that it is a sociological subject and it must include Childhood & Psychoanalysis therapeutic process as well as body of thought. Once decided on appropriate source of material  either a fictional character or an autobiographical subject, then you can translate the child s experience into a psychological narrative (retelling the story from a psychoanalytical point of view). Please note that the word length is also 2500 words for this part.

I would be grateful if you could complete both parts in 14 days & if there is any more information you want then please inform me as soon as possible.

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