Ow did changes in or conflicts over gender roles and/or sexuality impact womenas experi ence in colonial North America?

H308 Essay 1
Format: 4 pages, 12-point font, standard margins, d
Due: Thurs., January 30, 2014 by 10am via
In this essay, you will analyze two or more primary
documents assigned in this course relating
to women and gender in colonial North America. Your
essay will develop a historical argument
using secondary sources, including lecture, to supp
ort a well-articulated thesis about the
document(s) that answers the following question.
How did changes in or conflicts over
gender roles and/or sexuality impact womenas experi
ence in colonial North America?
Your thesis should focus your argument on a given i
ndividual or group of women (Native
Americans, Africans, women who challenged Puritan g
ender roles, etc) based on the primary
documents you choose to analyze.
Guidelines for Historical Writing
The following components are essential to any histo
rical essay: 1) An introductory paragraph
that establishes the scope of the argument a includ
ing the specific time period, geographic area,
& demographics of the source(s) youall discuss. 2)
A thesis statement (located at the end of the
introduction) in which you establish a specific pos
ition or argument that you will prove in the
body of your essay. 3) A detailed presentation of
evidence to support your thesis derived from
your primary source(s) as well as from lecture & se
condary sources. NO outside sources,
please. 4) A concluding paragraph that restates yo
ur argument and explains its significance.
Citing Sources
Please cite sources when you paraphrase or quote fr
om the course readings. It is not necessary
to cite lecture. Cite course readings in the body
of your paper by indicating the authoras name
and page number in the following format: (Wells, 23
). Provide citations for primary and
secondary sources referenced in support of each poi
nt within your argument. This means that
you will likely have one or more citations for each
paragraph within the body of your paper.
Introductions and conclusions usually do not contai
n citations, as they are general statements of
your thesis rather than specific aspects of your ar
Sample thesis
a?The harsh conditions of colonial settlement in the
century temporarily
suspended the traditional sexual division of labor
among British settlers resulting in Puritan
women adopting the gender norms of the Native Ameri
can peoples that they encountered.a?
This is a well-written thesis for the following rea
sons (even though it is erroneous and therefore
would be very difficult to prove):
It clearly identifies the time, place, & groups of
women the paper will discuss.
It makes an assertion about how changes in colonial
gender roles altered the
experience/behavior of a specific group of women, t
hus it directly addresses the prompt.
I encourage you to submit a draft thesis statement
to Shelley, Emily, or myself. A strong thesis
is key to a good historical paper. We are here to
help you. See blackboard for our contact