Ow did Islamic philosophy influence Western philosophy in 10th century and onwards?

Should focus on how great Muslim philosophers influenced Western philosophers. Especially, how al Ghazzali, Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd influenced the western scholars Such as Thomas Aquinas, Moses Maimonides, Descartes etc. You may expend this list. If you look at books and articles regarding these Muslim philosophers, you will find detail information.Click this website and you will find some books and articles
So put this and also it has to be 2500 words with minimum of 12 references used and style should be harvard.

A· Reveals an awareness of the range of issues raised by the question and by the
secondary literature
A· Displays a capacity for independent research
A· Thorough and wide-ranging reading
A· Logically structured, with a sound introduction and conclusion
A· Ignores no relevant arguments or material that are readily accessible in both primary
and secondary sources
A· Demonstrates the ability to construct an original argument: that is, one that goes
beyond ideas and interpretations presented in the secondary literature on the topic
A· Demonstrates a grasp of the wider implications of the interpretation being argued
A· Well written and well expressed
A· Displays a grasp of the range of interpretations and approaches to the subject.
Research is adequate to enable a clear grasp of the question
A· Where appropriate, essay indicates a capacity for independent research
A· Has an introduction and conclusion that identify the question and convey an
A· Has a clear argument that responds to the question set
A· Provides appropriate evidence for all major points, using both primary and
secondary sources
A· Points are expressed in grammatical English, with few spelling errors.
A· Displays an ability to pick out an authoras argument or approach