Ow did Kurt Cobain die? Three theories are: murder, suicide, and accidental drug overdose

To classify and analyze different theories regarding your unsolved mystery.

Write a paper that classifies three to five theories (or groups of theories) about your unsolved mystery. Adopt third person POV, formal phrasing, and an objective tone.

The paper should be 1200 to 1800 words. If less than 1200 words, it will be considered incomplete.

The paper should comprise four parts, though these should not be labeled in the paper:

Introduction. Begin with an attention-getter related to your topic. Then introduce the mystery and briefly preview your theories in the order in which you will treat them.

Background. Before you explore theories, acquaint the reader with any necessary details about the mystery, perhaps a short history of events. Keep this section short, no longer than a paragraph or two. Do not just list facts; connect them.

Classification. This is the main part of the paper. Discuss each theory in detail. Use source material for support, but connect it to what you have to say and cite appropriately using MLA. You may use multiple paragraphs to discuss each theory; this is not a five-paragraph essay. (For more on paragraphs, visit OWLs page on the subject.) Be sure to connect ideas and paragraphs with smooth and specific transitions.

Conclusion. Conclusions may be the hardest thing to write. Here are some links providing advice. Use them:
You also need a Works Cited, using MLA (no annotations). It should be a separate page at the end of your document (not a separate document). It should document at least five sources, at least two differing from those in your P1. As usual, reference works and fiction do not count. Note: Each work listed in your Works Cited must be cited at least once in the paper.

Your paper must have a title and a subtitle. The title grabs attention; the subtitle indicates the topic. An example:

Death in Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt

The Murder of Tutankhamen

Microsoft Word attachment (.doc) sent by email. Make sure you have a .doc file, not .docx (for later versions of Word, you might need to save as Word 97-03 to get a .doc file). Name the file with your last name, an underscore (or space), and the assignment title, like this: Smith_P2.

effective development of ideas
proper use and citation of sources
effective introduction and conclusion
quality of writing (revision and editing)
Works Cited with required sources (in MLA format)
proper paper format
Papers that are late or incomplete will not earn credit.

Use these sources and any others:
Cross, Charles R. Heavier than Heaven: a Biography of Kurt Cobain. New York: Hyperion, 2001. Print.

Drive, Dynamic. Cobaincase.com The Kurt Cobain Murder Investigation by Tom Grant.Index Page to Cobaincase.com The Kurt Cobain Murder Investigation by Tom Grant. Web. 28 Dec. 2011. .

Halperin, Ian, and Max Wallace. Who Killed Kurt Cobain?: the Mysterious Death of an Icon. Secaucus, NJ: Carol Pub. Group, 1999. Print.

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