Ow did major discoveries in physics change the course of chemistry and interpretations of the discoveries.

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All significant special information, wording, illustrative examples, etc. must have specific in-text references, not just general bibliographic notes.

Write a critical essay of at least 2500 to 4000 words (~8-12 pages, but go by word count of minimum 2500) on some aspect of the interpretation of scientific theories.
The paper should have a coherent presentation of ideas to argue clearly and convincingly. It must not merely summarize or restate some other authors views.

Main subjects and historical contexts:
Aristotles Four elementstheory and his other physical laws governed the science of chemistry and physics with an incomplete view for many centuries.

Newtons laws and his later obsession of alchemy.

Charles Coulombs discovery of the properties of charged particles.

Michael Faradayas electromagnetic induction.

J.J. Thompsons experiment in physical approach and proposed atomic model.

Development of Thermodynamics.

Side note: The paper will focus on analyzing historical development of those major ideas and the controversies with the applications of the theories in the field of physics and chemistry. Aristotle and Newton will be introductory but not discussed extensively. Main focus will be on electromagnetism and thermodynamics.

NOTE: If absolutely necessary, the topic and my provided main subjects and backgrounds could be changed to fit the writers need. But the main focus of the paper should be related to physics,philosophical interpretations of physics and controversies of the theories in these fields.
Possible approaches:
A critical essay on some recent or well known work concerning the meaning of physics.”
Explain the inner logic of some difficult scientific transition in physics.”
Examine the history of some major scientific transition in physics.”
Possible topics:
The discovery of the electron and the origins of quantum mechamics”
Relationism, absolutism, and spacetime”
The nature of space”