Ow did President Trumans decision to order bombs end World War 2 and begin the Cold War

Read a variety of sources on the subject, the major ones should be political science and international relations journal articles; other sources should be major magazines and national and international newspapers.

Formulate a Whyquestion that derives from your understanding of the matter.

The rest of your paper should be an attempt to answer that question based on your analysis of the issue as presented by the various sources you read.

Your essay should be organized roughly as follows:

Your introdution, which should be brief and to the point, should provide a summary version of the issue, ending with your thesis, or the major answer to the Why question.

The body of the essay should include a good, but brief background to the issue so that the reader can understand the story and especially what was in US National Interest.

It should include as well the challenges as well as the opportunities available to the president at the time the issue was debated, bringing to light perspectives of the competing constituencies such as Congress, and other bureaucracies..

It should also include the verdict of differenct scholars about the issue. Do they all agree with the decision the president took? if they do, what are the issues they agree about; if they do not, what are their different perspectives?

Most important: What is your own analysis of the issue? Was the presidents decision wise, in your opinion? if not, why not?

Your conclusion should emphasize the point of the essay and show its significance in understanding US foreign policy.