Ow did racism influence the American society after WWII, and what is the aftermath today?

Although I am in High School, my teacher is quite demanding when it comes to papers, wherefore it would help me a lot, if the paper was written as eloquently as possible, but still in a way, that the teacher believes that it was written by a High School student. The paper does not have to treat the struggles of the African-American Society for the majority of the time, but it should certainly clarify the attitude most people had against black people at that time, and why it was a contradictory attitude, since many black soldiers served the US during WW2. However, the paper should mostly analyze how the actions that were taken during that time period influenced the american society today, and what would be different (As well concerning the social, but also the economic differences between black and white people), if racism had not further existed after the war. The last point should be about how racism continues to influence the American society today.

At the end of the paper, I need a perfectly formatted work cited page, since this is extremely important to our teacher.