Ow did religious and political views shape or affect the conquest of mexico?

How did religious and political views shape or affect the conquest of mexico?

In Creatures of Empire, Virginia DeJohn Anderson focuses on animals as a way to explore the cultural differences between English and Indians, as well as the differences between English groups, the colonizers of Virginia and New England. By focusing on animals, she can also explore competing ideas and practices involving religion, property, labor, conflict resolution, and warfare, to name a few. In the end, she also manages to demonstrate some of the limits of human agency, and show that human beings are not in complete control of all the forces and relationships that shape their history.
Your task in this writing assignment is to conduct a similar investigation, on a much smaller scale, using the material found in Stuart Schwartz, ed., Victors and Vanquished: Spanish and Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico. Schwartzas book provides you with a sampling of source material about Mexico much like that used by Anderson for eastern North America a primary sources describing the encounters and conflicts between two cultures previously unknown to one another, with a somewhat similar outcome, namely, European conquest of the territories of indigenous peoples. But these similarities only go so far. In many ways the story of the Spanish conquest of Mexico is very different from that of the English in eastern North America. So, in other words, you will need to use techniques similar to those Anderson used in Creatures of Empire, but apply them to the materials on the conquest of Mexico, in order to explain the role that cultural differences between Nahua and Spanish peoples played in shaping the outcome of this encounter.
You are welcome to follow Andersonas lead and focus on human relationships with animals as one way to organize your account. But that may seem too confining, or not the most significant aspect of the conflict. So you might instead want to focus on other aspects of culture, such as religious beliefs, or the nature of political authority, or gender, or the organization of labor, to name a few examples. This is not, however, to suggest that you should try to examine all of these topics a it will be important to be selective in order to limit the scope of your investigation.
Regardless of your specific focus, your goal will be to write a satisfying account of the impact of cultural differences between Spanish and Nahua people on the conquest of Mexico. To accomplish that, you will need to spend a good deal of time going back over the material in Victors and Vanquished, and, much like Anderson does in Creatures of Empire, find lots of good evidence from the primary sources to support the claims you are making.
The essay you write for this assignment should be from 5-7 pp. in length, typed and double-spaced, in a typeface and font no larger than this one (Times New Roman, 12 pt.). Although you will be relying on the assigned reading, you are still required to cite quotations or ideas taken from the reading with proper historical footnotes. The essay should have a title, and its pages should be numbered (a separate title page does not count as one of the 5-7 pp.).