Ow did Slavery become a powerful Institution in America?

Topic: Slavery
Question: How did Slavery become a powerful Institution in America?
Assigned text: David Brion Davis and Steven Mintz, The Boisterous Sea of Liberty: A Documentary History of America From Discovery Through the Civil War (NY: Oxford University Press, 1998). ISBN 978-0-19-511670-0
Pages: 57-58, 80-81, 218-220, 295-298

1Read the assigned documents in The Boisterous Sea of Liberty.
2Write an essay of 4 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, standard one inch margins. Answer the question posted. Your thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph and should be one sentence answer to the question. The rest of your essay should back up your thesis statement and be sure to write a short conclusion tying it together.
3-Cite as BLS and the page number. If you choose to use the words in the text you must use both quotation marks and parentheses citation.
4You donat need to use any other sources.
5Be sure to analyze at least four documents.