Ow did technology shape the course of nineteenth century imperialism? Would Western expansion have been possible without certain key inventions?

This is a history class.
6 pages double spaced typed pages of research.
Title page and works cited page do not count towards overall length of paper. The paper must be submitted on standard 8.5”x 11using font size of 12 in Times New Roman. 1 inch margins all around.
MLA format
Use MLA style citations in the text.
Paper needs a title based on topic
Paper cant be just facts. Must have a clear thesis.
No copy and pasting. Must have writer input. Must have writers own ideas also to allow paper to flow.
6 or more sources must be used. Be certain that you utilize sufficient contemporary sources to assure that your research is current. These sources may include some of all of the following: (a)primary source materials or government or other documents, (b) scholarly books, (c)scholarly journals, (d) general readership books and magazines, (e) newspapers and the internet. Primary sources and scholarly works should receive greater emphasis than other sources. All sources must be cited in a separate bibliography.
Identify the sources of: quotations, statistics, theories, ideas, concepts, etc. Provide evidence to support. Do not generalize your own views and or biases without supporting evidence.
If you begin a sentence with  Experts say or  Many people believe you must indicate the souce(s) of your information.
The bibliography must include separate sections for scholarly books, journal articles, government documents, newspapers, and internet source material.
Factors taken into consideration with grading include but are not limited to, such items as the depth and breadth of analysis, quality and quantity of course material, accuracy of findings, and originality of research. The student is responsible for appropriate grammar, spelling, neatness, incorrect format etc. Contractions (e.g.cant , dont) must never be used.
Plagarism will result in an F.